Friday, 4 May 2012

Popped Cherry

Heya guys,

Ok so it's not as disgusting as the title sounds, I'm referring to buying my first MAC lipstick! I know I'm very behind on this but I don't care. When I went in to the shop I spent about 20 minutes deciding what colour I wanted, in the end I went with a quite neutral colour that I felt I could wear in the day or dress up in the evening.
And the colour is... Creme Cup in a cremesheen, some of you may have seen it on my instagram the other day. I am so overly happy with my purchase.
I love this lipstick so much, I got an absolute thrill walking out the shop with my MAC bag, then I was super excited opening up the packaging and seeing a beautiful untouched tube and lipstick. And wearing it, I love it so much it feels so easy to wear and smells so good I could eat it! So yes, I have finally jumped in and bought some fancy makeup, thank you blogger world for convincing me I needed to start a collection!


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